Low Rider Conveyors

45° Incline Low Rider Conveyors enable your product to be moved from the ground foor up to it's next stage in the manufacturing process or into a final shipping container to save you additional handling costs. Move parts with ease out of any machine and into containers, even a 55 gallon drum. Use the adjustable leveling casters with brake kits for locking the conveyor in place. The four casters also enable the conveyor to move around your facility with ease. Choose from three belt widths: 12”, 18”, and 24”. Choose from three drive types: Constant Speed, DC Variable, and AC Variable. Constant Speed Drives move at 50 fpm. AC and DC Drive belts speeds are 7-60 fpm. All motors and chain guards are mounted to avoid interference with part output. Load frame sits 7-1/4” above the floor. All models extend 43” above the floor to allow for various part outputs i.e. totes and bins. UHMW conveyor side walls make for a smooth belt ride. Belt is tracked by the take up bearings on the load end. Belt contains 1” high cleats on 12” centers. All models are rated for 115V service and will plug into any standard wall outlet.

Replacement Parts: Belts and Conveyor Parts are readily available.